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Ali Khan
(1956 – 1873)

Maulana Zafar Ali Khan (1956 – 1873), was a writer, poet,
and journalist who took an important part in the
 Pakistan Movement. He was born at Kot Mehrath, Sialkot during the time the area became part
. He also played a role in the freedom movement against the British government in India. He
received his early education in
High School, Wazirabad, Gujranwala District then he
went to
 Aligarh Muslim
, and graduated
from there.

After graduation he was appointed secretary to Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk who was then in Bombay. Then he worked for some time as a
translator in
 Hyderabad, Deccan,
rising to the post of Secretary, Home Department. He returned from
Hyderabad and launched his daily Zamindar from Lahore which was founded by his father Maulvi
Sirajuddin Ahmad.

Most of Maulana's life was spent in politics. He was a great
poet, an orator, an essayist of exceptional merit and a journalist. His
interest in poetry began in his childhood and his poems were full of religious
and political sentiments. He was specially versed in impromptu compositions.
His poetical output has been published in "Baharistan",
"Nigaristan", and "Chamanistan". His other works are
"Marka-e-Mazhab-o-Science", "Ghalba-e-Rum",
"Sayr-e-Zulmet" and an opera "Jang-e-Roos-o-Japan". He was
a devotee of Islam and of the Muhammad. His remains lie in Karamabad,

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